Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogger Community Photo Challenge: Close Ups

The current challenge is Close ups...and I'm lucky that the Deep Cut Orchid Show took place last week at a location very near me. I went there three out of the four days it ran and had a lot of fun shooting the orchids. They are such weird flowers--some look like faces, some look like aliens...all are beautiful! Here are a sampling of some of my shots with my macro lens. Hope you enjoy...


MariesImages said...

These are all outstanding, Vicki! MY favorites...Ü are the last 2.
Where did you find these in the middle of winter????

Elisabeth said...

Fabulous, Vicki. I love orchids. These have outstanding color and vibrancy. You did good. :-)

Eaglesbrother said...

Wonderful Orchid photographs
Good job !!


Carol Patterson said...

Those are very nice Vicki! I love the green one second to the last.

I am always amazed at the variety of Orchids when I go to the Orchid Show.

Nice Shot-Carol