Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Days of Covid-19 Isolation

WOW! It's been five years since I last posted on this blog. I started looking through past posts and decided this was an ideal place to keep up with my journey...in photography, in photoshop, in life! So much has happened in the past five years and I'm NOT going to fill in that blank...but start again with our new challenges faced in our country and the world.

It's been four months since the Corona Virus forced us to stay at home in order to stay safe, especially those of us who are medically compromised. My two sons, Justin and Jared, are both Respiratory Therapists, working in hospitals and being exposed daily. Justin has stayed safe--Vermont hasn't had the flood of cases that New Jersey has. Jared worked in uber-busy hospitals in north Jersey and did contract Covid-19. He stayed home and, after being sick for 2 weeks, got through it--then jumped right back into the frying pan. I'm proud of them!

On a personal level, I've been staying inside a lot, which suits me fine--I can read, play with photoshop, and read some more! My physical pains are worse, but I hope to be able to address this issue when the world opens back up. Lots of instructors have been offering free classes online. ZOOM has taken the internet by storm and has allowed us to 'see' others during meetings and family visits. My camera clubs have moved to online competitions and presentations. Life is as normal as it can be...and this keeps us all connected.

Lou and I did get to visit Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Park when it opened in early June. It was fun to get out. I've played with a couple of photos that I took during that short outing...and am sharing them here.

I hope to process some more and will post them when they are completed.