Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge: Still Life

The current challenge (which ends tonight) is Still Life. This is definitely not my favorite type of fact, it's probably near the bottom of the list. Here's one of my few attempts at shooting still lifes...

Be sure to click on the banner to check out the other entries for this challenge and/or to enter an image yourself. Happy Shooting!


MariesImages said...

Great choice, Vicki!!! I just love the old, paint peeling shutters.

We were posting the same time. But I added a space to my code & it wouldn't take the link...;(
Yes, nothing like waiting till the last minute(well not exactly) to post..Ü

Missy said...

Oh I like that! Very original.


Lisa said...

I love this shot. I like the old shutters and the chance to take a peep out the window. Very nice.

Connie said...

That is a fantastic shot.
A lot of things going on here.
Love it-LOVE IT!!

Jeannette said...

I love this shot, it looks very Mediterranean. Great lighting through the shutters! Jeannette xx cinedal

Daniel N. said...

Hello Vicky!

Just stumbled upon your blog randomly. Great idea you have here with the photography assignments :)
I'll follow your blog and try to participate from time to time!

Good luck :)