Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blogger Community Photo Challenge: Tranquility

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This week's challenge is "Tranquility"...a very ephemeral thing. It's not something you can describe in concrete words...it's a feeling more than anything else. Not everyone will agree with everyone else about what's tranquil, or at least the first thing to come to mind for one person will not be what a second person will think of right out of the box. I have a ton of photos that I consider tranquil, but this is one of my newest, so I thought I'd use it. It's a photo of a wildlife viewing area on Sandy Hook, part of the Gateway National Park System--a wonderful place for viewing wading birds. Hope others find it as tranquil as I do.

The same day, I took the following photograph. I always find flowers a tranquil subject...this is no exception:


Julie said...

Very beautiful. I love those long wooden walkways and flowers are always a beautiful subject.

MariesImages said...

Aaaah yes, me too, I was always attracted to the walkways to the beaches...Anything to do with a beach makes me feel at home & relaxed..Ü
Lovely photos Vicki~

sunflowerkat321 said...

I love that you chose a wooden walkway. I can hear my steps and the birds around me. I know this is a place I would thoroughly enjoy.



Far Side of Fifty said...

Excellent photo! Love the walkway, I could almost hear some birds! :)

Nancy said...

What a wonderful shot that brings up a wonderful, yes tranquil, feeling.
Well done, vicki!