Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bloggers Community Photo Challenge: RULE OF THIRD CONTEST

This is a fun way to learn about of the fundamental rules (and one of the main one that can be broken with great results once you've mastered it) is the Rule of Thirds. It's more of a suggestion than an actual rule, but is something that's very important for photographers to understand. There are also some 'rules' for this contest:

1. All images will be a certain size 72 DPI 4X6(432 pixels X 288 Pixels) Try to get as close as you can, no larger.

2. No watermarks, signatures or copyrights symbols on photos.

3. To submit,you must send a copy of your image to me @ & I will add all photos to a post. Please label the subject area - Challenge Contest. Days to submit photos JUNE 10 & 11th only. We should have the voting on the 13 & 14th.

4. Our team members/judges will decide which best follow the challenge & also include good photographic qualities.(sharpness, contrast, color or B&W)Once our team makes the final selection, we will leave it up to our community to vote on the winner.

I'm sending one of the images below to Marie for the contest...want to guess which one? :)


Julie said...

Both lovely shots but I am guessing the poppy.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Vickie, This was a very interesting concept for me. I had heard of the rule of thirds before, but since I only starting taking photographs about a year ago for my blog..I just wanted to take photos and always wondered why I like some more that others. I was intrigued by this challenge, I read what I found on the net. I had lots of questions..I even made up little pieces of paper with black lines to test my photos.. I found that I only had a handful of photos that followed this rule..and I am not sure if I did it correct for the challenge either. We will see, I am always anxious to learn.. I will guess the poppy too. :)