Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rule of Thirds Contest was a real surprise and honor to be selected as the winner in the Rule of Thirds Contest on our Bloggers Community Photo Challenge! Thanks to all who voted for my image. I realized after posting the other two examples for this subject that it was to be a secret vote, so I sent Marie an entirely different photo. It really wasn't hard to do that, since I frequently compose my images using this rule of thirds. Sometimes I break it on purpose, but I have a lot of images that conform to the Rule. Here's my 'winning' photo, entitled SECRET GARDEN:

Here's what Marie wrote in the Challenge Blog:

Vicki 's Secret Garden is our winner. None of the team members were involved with this contest. That is why I had everyone send me their images & votes. Thank you all who participated & voted!

We will still post helpful photography tips, so you may still get alerts from the challenge blog.

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Enjoy your summer & take plenty of pics.

Vicki!Here is a helpful link on composition:"

I would like to wish everyone happy shooting this summer...and be sure to keep the topics in mind when you're out and about with your cameras.~Vicki


Julie said...

Yours was the one I voted for so I was happy to see you won. great pleasing shot.

MariesImages said...

Congrats, again, Vicki!
WOnderful example of the RULE OF THIRDS!!!